Product Detail


Our product Asafoetida otherwise generally called as Hing has been our brand merchandise since ages. It is the mainly used ingredient in Indian family circle moreover has a lot of curative advantages with medicinal property. We have been manufacturing the equivalent in variety moreover can be obtainable to clients in different forms, similar to solid otherwise powder and are accessible in numerous packaging to the clients. The aroma also eminence of our product is of high standards furthermore has been excellence experienced to provide the clientele user satisfaction.

Compounded Asafoetida Powder

The powdered form of compounded asafoetida is easy to use and is an essential "tadka" to each dish. The Lumps are dehydrated to create asafoetida powder with the use of sophisticated machinery to avoid the build-up of crystals, providing complete quality assurance.

Asafoetida Powder Specification
Notional value per 100gm (approx)Energy360 Kcals