Product Detail

Red Chilli

To maintain optimum product environment, we use superior grade packaging material that is nontoxic. The labels on packs provide products details clearly and are smudge-proof. The range, we offer, is stringently checked for the raw material used; our quality auditors ensure that the final product is sternly designed using the beat in class inputs to bring forth quality range.

TypeWhole chilli with steam / whole chilli without steam
Pads without stalk8% max
Moisture12% max
Foreign material1% max
Loose seeds2% max
Damaged & discolored pods3% max
Red Chilli Varieties
  1. 334/S4/Sanam

    I am export like dried red peppers, red chile sauce, chile pepper, dried chile peppers, dry chili peppers, Dry Red Chillies, Dried Ancho Chiles, chili pepper spice, chilli plant, Mexican chiles, dried cayenne pepper, chillies spice, dried habanera, small red chili peppers, Sanam chilli with stem and stem less is one of the demanded varieties in overseas.

    Pungency in SHU25000-30000 (Heat)
    Length5-7 cm
    Capsaicin content in %0.2-0.3 max
    Pods with Stalks1% maximum
    Broken Chilies3% maximum
    Loose Seeds3% maximum
    Damaged & Discolored pods2% maximum
    Foreign Material1% maximum
    Moisture12% maximum
  2. Teja / S17

    Teja is also having another name called as S17.It has the highest hotness while comparing with other Red pepper in India.

    FlavorHigh spicy
    Color in ASTA50-70 max
    Length(cm)5-6 max
    Breath(cm)0.8-1.3 max
    Capsaicin content in %0.50-0.70 max
    Pods with Stalks1% maximum
    Broken Chilies1% maximum
    Loose Seeds3% maximum
    Foreign Material1% maximum
    Damaged & Discolored pods1% maximum
    Moisture11% maximum
  3. Byadgi

    We are engaged in offering a wide range of sannam dry chilli. Chillies are used in cuisines worldwide and each has its favorite. The heat in chillie depends the flavor of a dish in the same way that freshly cracked peppercorns do dry red chilli, which is used for making various seasoning dishes such as sauces, chutneys and pickles.

    FlavorLess spicy
    AppearanceFully Wrinkled
    Pungency in SHU8000-15000 (Heat)
    Color in ASTA80-130 Max
    Length(cm)10-12% max
    Breath(cm)1.0-1.5 % max
    Capsaicin content in %0.8-1.3 max
    Pods with Stalks3% maximum
    Broken Chilies2% maximum
    Loose Seeds2% maximum
    Foreign Material1% maximum
    Damaged & Discolored pods4% maximum
    Moisture12% maximum
  4. S273 Wrinkle Chilli
    Physical propertiesSemi wrinkle, long size, dark red in color & less seeds
    Pungency15000 SHU to 20000 SHU
    Colour80 ASTA to 100 ASTA
    Length9 to 11 cm without stem
    Skin typeThick